No more hassle with parking, public transport or endless traffic jams: with an e-bike you will be at your destination in no time. The SPARTA d-RULE is the best e-bike of the moment and you can simply find it at a SPARTA sales point near you.

The SPARTA d-RULE has everything you need. SPARTA has been around for over a hundred years and was the first bicycle brand to come up with an e-bike. All that experience comes together in this innovative e-bike with the best technology. The d-RULE has a beautiful sporty and urban look and is therefore ideal for moving flexibly throughout The Hague. Even if you live outside the city, the d-RULE will take you to the center in no time. These are five reasons why every inhabitant of The Hague wants the SPARTA d-RULE.

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The urban e-bike in the color yellow | Photo: SPARTA

#1 Urban e-bike from 2022

First of all, the SPARTA d-RULE has been voted the urban

e-bike of the year 800. That means that this bike is considered the best of its kind by connoisseurs. The e-bike is both stylish and functional, and is specially designed for covering long distances.

#2 Connect it to your smartphone

*) The d-RULE uses the Bosch smart system, so you are always connected to your e-bike via your phone. Easily check the status of your e-bike via the app, such as battery life, live weather forecast or simply navigate to your destination. This way you always stay up-to-date

and your bike in top condition.

#3 No hassle with charging

Due to the handy removable battery you no longer have a hassle with charging your e-bike. You can easily charge the battery of the d-RULE. With one twist you can remove the battery from the bike and charge it wherever and whenever you want. This way you can always keep driving at full power.

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#4 Driving in style

Not unimportant: the SPARTA d-RULE is also a feast for the eyes. The n:LIGHT and the four different colors ensure that you can always ride in style. You can also choose between a version with a sturdy high entry or an elegant low entry. The design not only looks beautiful, but is also very practical. For example, the bike is equipped with a super handy luggage carrier with x:LACE: you can attach this elastic in various ways, such as in an x-shape or via the side. You can then easily click it into place to firmly clamp your belongings.

#5 Point of sale near you

Do you ever want to take a test drive? Then visit the nearest SPARTA sales point. There is always one near you. For example, you will find a point of sale on Laan van Meerdervoort, namely: Garant Tweewielers. Wondering where else you can try out and buy the SPARTA d-RULE? Then quickly view all points of sale in your area. Do you want to know for sure whether the d-RULE is available at the dealer? Then call the store and ask.

Want to know more about this cool e-bike? Check out the website and discover everything about the SPARTA d-RULE.


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