Traffic Safety Implementation Program 2022-2030 The municipality of The Hague is making a point of 0 road casualties and is therefore committed to improving road safety. The memorandum Opting for road safety outlines how the municipality intends to work on reducing the number of road casualties. The Road Safety Implementation Program 2022-2023 is an elaboration of the Road Safety Strategy 2026 and a follow-up to the Road Safety Implementation Program 10-2022; it translates the policy ambitions and priorities into concrete projects.Getting things moving smoothly for the development of Koningin Julianaplein Over the past twenty years, plans have regularly been made for the construction of large residential towers on Koningin Julianaplein in front of Central Station. However, it has not been possible to implement these plans so far. Now the municipality wants to speed up the most recent plans by means of a contribution of up to 3 million euros.Financial contribution Expansion Leiden University The Hague wants to develop as a knowledge city. According to the municipality, filling in the city center with education and research facilities is of great added value and fits within the ambition to grow as an (international) student city. The expansion of Leiden University in the building at Spui 3/Grote Marktstraat is a major boost for the city of The Hague. Moreover, the expansion of Leiden University at this central location in the city will lead to (even) more diversity of functions in the city center and will strengthen The Hague’s position as an attractive location for young talent. The municipality has reserved a financial contribution of up to 10 million euros for the further development of Campus The Hague by Leiden University. Initiative proposal Help tenants out of the coldOn 15 September 2022 Councilor Robert Barker of the Party for the Animals has submitted the initiative proposal ‘Help tenants out of the cold’. The aim of the proposal is that the municipality of The Hague will support private tenants in exercising their right of initiative to make housing more sustainable. Initiative proposal Trade without animalsOn 1 July 2022 council members Robert Barker and Robin Smit of the Party for the Animals the initiative proposal “Trade without animals”. The purpose of this proposal is to introduce new rules for street trading, making the use of animals for peddling subject to a permit.Initiative proposal Haagse RollatorloopOn 15 June 2022 Councilor Richard de Mos van Hart submitted the ‘Haagse Rollatorloop’ initiative proposal for The Hague. The initiative proposal contains a proposal for organizing an exercise event for rollator users, the so-called Rollatorloop.Hotspot Mariahoeve initiative proposal On 15 March 2022 PvdA councilor Mikal Tseggai approved the initiative proposal “Hotspot Mariahoeve” submitted. In this, the party draws attention to the need in Mariahoeve for a central place in the neighborhood where various functions in the field of culture, meeting, development, entrepreneurship and sustainability for young and old come together. The proposal is to give the large number of (residents’) initiatives in the neighborhood an active role, from design to implementation, and thus join forces. Information request regarding provisional award of target group transport A few weeks ago, council member Verdonk submitted a request for information regarding the provisional award decision for target group transport sent on 7 December. The Commission has shared the (provisional) award decision and the associated publication on TenderNed with the Board in a confidential manner, because these documents contain personal data and (possibly) competitively sensitive information. Completion debate committeeRegion Deal 4th tranche Den Haag Zuidwest Environmental permit for residential building with parking garage on Treublaan State of affairs The Hague approach to nitrogen and constructionRelated Party Evaluation 2020 Situation of teacher shortage in primary education 2022 One-measurement evaluation housing permit medium-priced rental propertiesFirst Response Demonstrations 10 March 2023Departure Literature and Children’s Book Museum from The Hague New interpretation of subsidies for sustainable housingVoteAt the end of the meeting, a vote will be taken on all proposals on the agenda and the motions and amendments submitted.Watch the meeting? The entire meeting can be followed live in the public gallery in the council chamber or via the live stream on You can find the full agenda and documents here to look at.


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