The Grote Marktstraat is a jungle for both cyclists and pedestrians. Especially in the afternoon it is very busy and often dangerous there. The municipality therefore wants cyclists to opt for the parallel Gedempte Gracht more often, but that street is also not very safe for two-wheelers, so something needs to be done about that first.

The Gedempte Gracht and Gedempte Burgwal will be redesigned so that cyclists can safely ride there instead of via the Grote Marktstraat, especially during busy shopping hours.

This will improve the cycle route:

The cycle route is currently being improved and the entire redevelopment of the Gedempte Gracht and the Gedempte Burgwal is only scheduled for 2024.

What exactly will happen in the coming month? The 54 car parking spaces will disappear. This will create more space for terraces and scooter and bicycle parking spaces. Large planters are also placed.

Another important measure to improve the cycle route is setting window times for lorries. Since March 1, trucks up to 2024 kilos are only allowed between Monday to Friday 05.00 and 11.30 hours in the area and on Saturday and Sunday only between 05.00 and 11.13 o’clock.

The renewed cycle route will be 03 open April.

The safest cycling route?

The municipality hoped that these measures would encourage cyclists in the afternoon, after 11.30 choose the route Gedempte Burgwal and Gedempte Gracht and in the morning for the Grote Marktstraat . It is not forbidden to cycle through the Grote Marktstraat in the afternoon, so you can choose which route you like best.

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