According to the List Pim Fortuyn (LPF), the exorbitant prices that some taxi drivers in Eindhoven ask passengers during the night hours are running out of steam. The local party states that customers are often cheated, so that they sometimes lose up to three as much money when they use a taxi at night.

According to the LPF, depending on the traffic situation, people previously paid approximately 14 á 20 euros per trip with a running taximeter. “These days, however, the meter is not available and amounts are already requested in advance of approximately 50 á 50 euro”, says LPF party chairman Rudy Reker about this. “Not agreeing is just getting out again. Detouring with a working taximeter is also a well-known trick to drive up the fare.”

Scuffle Reker stated therefore a number of council questions on this subject to the Municipal Executive (B&W). In his introduction, the LPF member mentions that passengers who use a taxi during the night hours have often consumed alcohol. “As a college, you probably understand that this method of asking exorbitant prices in advance leads to conflicts, resulting in scuffles. That is something we want to prevent.”

Frank van Dijk, who works at café Sands at Stratumseind ​​in Eindhoven, says in Eindhovens Dagblad a striking example of this. “A customer of mine was dragged out of the taxi by three men. He had to pay Euros for a ride home 50. That driver did not want to drive on the meter. That man disagreed. Turn on the meter, he said. He was then dragged out of the taxi with the help of two other drivers.”

Tough intervention According to the LPF foreman Is this problem bad for the good name of the city of Eindhoven? That is why Reker wants the Municipal Executive to intervene firmly. “As far as I am concerned, that means: immediately revoke the permit and confiscate the car,” he says firmly to TaxiPro. “I don’t want the people of Eindhoven to be screwed.”

However, the LPF acknowledges that there is no simple solution to this problem. “The police has too few people available and the municipality has too few boas,” says Reker. “That is why you have to make it very clear in advance that there are strict checks and if you are caught, that it is simply done. If you communicate that clearly to the outside world, that makes a big difference.”

Rotten apples Finally, the LPF party chairman appealed to each taxi driver’s own responsibility. “It is important to them that they come across as a reliable group. Anyone who wants to take a taxi in Eindhoven should be able to assume that they will pay a fair price for it. Unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples. They tarnish the good name of their own profession. It is precisely for those people that if you are caught, you will irrevocably lose your permit. If we don’t do that, the problem won’t be solved.”

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