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Published: 21 March 2023 Last modification: 31 March 2023

Shared scooters, shared cargo bikes and shared bicycles are increasingly being used in The Hague. In order to steer this growing use in the right direction, agreements were made again yesterday with providers of shared two-wheelers for the Hague Coastal Strip. For example, the municipality will look for extra parking space for busy days, the sub-providers will jointly deploy parking coaches and the scooters may only park in the designated spaces.

Alderman Anne Mulder: ”In 2021 has started the collaboration between shared two-wheelers and the Municipality of The Hague. This has worked well for both sides and has led to many improvements, which is why agreements have been made again. This time for the entire coastal strip, instead of just Scheveningen. With the agreements made, the municipality, together with the providers, wants to reduce the nuisance caused by shared vehicles lying around.” Photo: Valerie Kuypers DatesThe Municipality of The Hague, Go Sharing, felyx, Check, BAQME, Cargoroo and Donkey Republics have made the following agreements, among others:

– Partial transport on the coast may only be parked in the designated parking spaces. Parking outside the sections is made technically impossible.

– The sections are closed to users when they are full.

– The providers have joint parking coaches on busy days that help users to park the vehicles neatly and refer to spaces where there is still space to park.

– A joint whatsapp group is used to communicate easily and to be able to provide timely information.

– In the summer, a weekly consultation takes place between the providers and the municipality in which important information is shared and measures can be tightened if this proves to be necessary.

– To ensure that there is sufficient space in the parking bays every day, they are emptied before the morning.

– The municipality is looking for extra parking space (overflow locations). This can be opened on very busy days.


The expansion of the offer of shared mobility is important for the desired mobility transition of the municipality of The Hague. Sharing creates space, shared bicycles and shared scooters ensure a more efficient use of space. In addition, shared mobility provides additional and faster travel options, reducing dependence on the (own) car or second bicycle.

Photo: Valerie Kuypers


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