Schiphol sees the temporary reduction in the number of flights from 460.000 Unpleasant 460. as a necessary intermediate step that provides short-term certainty and clarity for local residents, the aviation sector and governments. Uncertainty is not desirable for anyone. The proposed experimental scheme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management that makes this possible is feasible for Schiphol. Schiphol believes that there is a new airport traffic order must be issued as soon as possible with clear and enforceable environmental limits that provide clarity and perspective for all parties involved.
Schiphol has today indicated a reduction of 460.000 Unpleasant 460.000 see flights per year as a necessary intermediate step that provides clarity on the way to a new Airport Traffic Decree. This should provide clarity and perspective for both local residents and airlines. Schiphol has made this position known through its lawyers in summary proceedings before the court of Haarlem about the ‘
Experiment scheme Schiphol’. The summary proceedings were brought by KLM, other airlines against the Ministry of I&W and Royal Schiphol Group.

Schiphol believes that a new Airport Traffic Decree should be started as soon as possible, containing hard environmental limits that protect residents and the environment. Environmental limits that also make it clear to the aviation sector what is and what is not allowed. And where there is room for reward within these limits, when aviation is proven to be quieter and cleaner. That system is not there yet, but a situation in which two systems work together is far from ideal.

Background: About the capacity declaration
From Schiphol’s position, the central question today was whether it should be included in the capacity declaration for the next (winter) season (W23) may involve the experimentation scheme. In the capacity declaration, the airport indicates how many flights are allowed in a season. This space is then distributed among the airlines by the independent slot coordinator. The process of the capacity declaration for the winter season is currently underway.

The experimentation scheme is not ideal for anyone, but as far as Schiphol is concerned, the experimentation scheme offers the necessary clarity, is it an intermediate step towards a good and robust system of protection and clarity and is it feasible. Schiphol sees it as a necessary intermediate step towards the real solution of a new LVB. Clarity and perspective are key – and as soon as possible, the lawyers concluded on behalf of Schiphol.

Schiphol remains – separate from summary proceedings – make every effort for a good and workable system with clear nuisance and environmental limits. Schiphol is happy to reach out to everyone to take further and faster steps towards a new balance, with clarity and perspective for everyone. We see that people love to travel, but also that sustainability, health and well-being are rightly considered increasingly important. The world is changing and aviation has to keep up with it.


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