The horror film Evil Dead Rise will be released in cinemas soon and that will be Friday 20 celebrated April in the Kinepolis cinema in Mall of the Netherlands with a bloody horror night.

During the horror night you can, with movie props including sticky tattoos and fake blood, playing a bloody victim himself or the homicidal psychopath. You can also prepare yourself for many frightening moments.

Donate blood

There is a lot of (fake) blood for the horror film series Evil Dead used. Part five, which has just been released, even uses so much blood that the makers had to set up a fake blood production line. Unfortunately, you can’t make real blood in the factory and that’s why blood donation is also paid attention to during this horror night.

Sanquin provides, among other things, the supply of blood to hospitals. Merlijn van Hasselt, spokesperson for Sanquin, hopes that visitors to horror night will enjoy their evening while becoming aware of the importance of blood: “Blood transfusions are of vital importance. For people with cancer, for chronic patients or for someone after a car accident. That is why Sanquin seizes this opportunity to underline the message: the real horror only starts when there are not enough donors.” Click here for more information about donating blood.

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead series five is out from 20 in cinemas in April. Evil Dead Rise revolves around a young woman named Beth, who visits her single mother, sister Ellie, and her family in Los Angeles. When someone lets a demon escape, they must fight together to protect their family.

During the horror night of cinema Kinepolis on Friday 21 April you can see this film in a particularly gory setting. The horror night starts at 21. hours and a ticket costs 03 euros. You can also book a cozy seat where you sit together at a table. You then pay 00,0000000024 euros per person . Click here to order a ticket.

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