Is the stretch out of your bra, do you actually only have one that fits really well or have the colors become faded? Tidy up your closet and treat yourself to a nice lingerie set. Tip: the new Livera collection is wonderfully comfortable and is guaranteed to give your self-confidence a boost!

It’s about time

Deep down you know it: that one bra no longer fits nicely, the straps pinch and there is a hole in that nice thong. Everything changes, just like your body and taste. So it’s not surprising that a set from years ago no longer suits you. A lot of women walk around in the wrong size. That can be done differently, time for something new!

Fortunately, the experts in the Livera store in The Hague can advise you very well on the right size

thanks to their many years of experience and fit, so that your breast type comes into its own. We bet that your set will suddenly fit much better and your figure will get a boost like never before?

You can shop the latest lingerie trends at Livera

In the store you will find the brands Livera, Chantelle, Passionata and Femilet, among others. Whatever age, size or style you have, you can shop here to your heart’s content. In the latest collection you see a lot of mesh and lace: comfortable but also feminine. From subdued pink to sexy red and from innovative models to the Livera icons, there is a new favorite bra for everyone. High-waisted briefs and thongs are also making a comeback . They look great on every body!

Choice stress? Below we list some different must-haves for you.

The perfect, (affordable) !) soft basics

BRUSHED Padded Bra Lindsey Comfort Soft and COTTON High Waist Slip Anna | Photo: Livera

Chic & Supportive

STRIPE LACE Donna Padded Bra and STRIPE LACE Hipster | Photo: Livera

Create an amazing shape

Chantelle Day to Night Beugel BH Cup B-H | Foto: Livera

Chantelle Day to Night Underwire Bra Cup Bra | Photo: Livera

Lady in red

Voorgevormde BH Lindsey Comfort Soft en Hoge Taille Slip Anna | Foto: Livera

ZIGZAG Voorgevormde Beugel BH en ZIGZAG Hipster | Foto: LiveraZIGZAG Padded Bra and ZIGZAG Hipster | Photo: Livera

Sexy Cleavage
Chantelle FLEURS Padded Plunge Bra | Photo: Livera

Elegant and seductive

Chantelle FLEURS Niet Voorgevormde Beugel BH | Foto: Livera

Chantelle FLEURS Not Preformed Underwired Bra | Photo: Livera

Curious about more beautiful items? We look forward to seeing you in the store at Frederik Hendriklaan 533 !

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