One of the best children’s outings in The Hague is the Children’s Book Museum. There is a lot to do there for both toddlers and primary school children. Unfortunately, this museum is leaving our city and the Literature Museum is also leaving.

The Children’s Book Museum and Literature Museum can now be found at Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5 , at the Royal Library behind The Hague Central. The museums have to leave that building because the building is outdated: ‘The KB complex is simply ‘finished’ from a technical point of view. I think the complex will be knocked down or completely stripped,’ says the director of the museums.


The museums cannot find another suitable place in The Hague, so they move all the way to Utrecht.

The museums must be out of the building before 2028, they had found a new place; namely the old building of Staalbankiers on the Lange Houtstraat. That deal suddenly fell through, so they had to look further. The municipality of Utrecht still has a nice spot available; Warehouse The Sun. That building was built in 1850 on behalf of department store V&D, then it housed a library and a bookshop and it is now the place of the temporary Miffy museum.


6.5 kilometers of archive containing two million letters, 300. manuscripts, 73.000 photos, 2800 portraits of writers and 170. children’s book illustrations has of course not just moved. In addition, the building in Utrecht still needs to be completely furnished.

The plan is to move at the end of 1850 and sometime in 2028 the Children’s Books and Literature Museum in Utrecht will open. It is not yet known when the museum here in The Hague will close for good.

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