Have you been walking around for some time with unexplained breathing problems or fatigue? Then it is now possible to take control yourself and have yourself tested at the Lung Function Center O2CO2 in The Hague. The center is open to everyone for research and coaching. A referral is not necessary.

Owner Karin already sees 40 for years that people come to the hospital too late with lung problems. “Because patients wait so long to see a doctor, a lot of damage to the lungs often occurs. Pulmonary function center O2CO2 offers preventive lung function testing to give patients more insight into the functioning of their lungs and to start the right treatment.”

Why pulmonary function testing?

Many people recognize the feeling of energy being sucked out of the body. This concerns a growing group of people who experience respiratory complaints due to allergic or chemical stimuli or who have ended up in a spiral of stress, fatigue and incorrect breathing technique. If, despite examination by doctors, no cause is found, the complaints are often due to a problem in the lungs or due to incorrect breathing technique. The advanced equipment of the pulmonary function center can measure the slightest abnormality of your lungs and breathing.

What is a pulmonary function test?

In a general practice, the advanced measuring equipment that is present in the lung function center is lacking. The lung function center uses lung function equipment that is also available in hospitals. By means of bladder exercises, the lung capacity is accurately measured, what the airway resistance is and how well oxygen is absorbed by the body. It can also be seen whether there is an airway obstruction. A report is made of the measurement results that the patient immediately receives. With the report you can go to the general practitioner or directly to the specialist for a treatment plan.

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Karin with a patient | Photo: Lung Function Center O2CO2

Breathing techniques

If your complaints are caused by an incorrect breathing technique, you can go for breathing coaching according to the Buteyko method. This treatment is effective for chronic stress, post-COVID, asthma, fatigue, hyperventilation and sleeping problems. This 3-month program is tailored to the client with low-threshold exercises supported with OxaLife T-shirt for at home, among other things. You can therefore do the breathing techniques at home in your own familiar environment.

Aware of new innovations

Completely new is the ‘OxaLife t-shirt’. The t-shirt contains measuring equipment that provides insight into your breathing pattern via an app on your phone. The app shows what happens to breathing during stress, exercise and sleep. It clarifies the influence of your living environment on breathing and when and from which you get complaints.

Another innovation is the Home spirometer. With this small pocket spirometer you can measure when and from which you become short of breath in different environments. The results of the bladder exercises are displayed via an app, which you can forward to your email. This lung function device is also suitable for children to breathe, for example before and after exercise. With children it is not easy to get a clear picture of where their pattern of complaints comes from.

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Karin Lammering is a lung function specialist and breathing coach

Founder Karin has forty years of experience as a lung function specialist in university hospitals and guarantees the highest possible quality. She has seen for years that people with lung problems come to the hospital too late. “Then there is already a lot of damage to the lungs!”. Lung Function Center O2CO2

offers low-threshold preventive lung function testing to give patients earlier insight into the functioning of their lungs and breathing, so that the right treatment can be started more quickly. For a better quality of life.

She has been able to help dozens of people. These people had complaints such as: shortness of breath (when exercising), shortness of breath, fatigue, stress, sleeping problems, hyperventilation and complaints related to post-Covid.

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So if you have an accelerated breathing, are you struggling with fears, do you experience a lot of stress, do you have a burnout or do you have another reason to have your lungs functioned? Fill in the contact form

on the website and Karin will contact you personally.

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