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Published: 20 March 2023Last modification: 20 March 2023

The Guido Gezellestraat in Spoorwijk has been chosen as the Dearest Street in The Hague. Pacemakers Radia and Hoessein ensure that no one feels alone in this colorful and cozy street with terraced houses. The winners received from Alderman Kavita Parbhudayal a check of 500 euros plus the honorary title ‘Dearest Street of The Hague 500’.

Sun 200 pacesetters, neighbors and partners of Lief en Leedstraten in The Hague were allowed to vote for the five finalists during a festive gathering in theater De Nieuwe Regentes on Weimarstraat. The numbers two (Sleepnetstraat) and three (Da Costastraat) received a street check of respectively 200 and 100 euros. The Tivolistraat and Steenhouwersgaarde finished fourth and fifth and received a street party package (100 euros) from sponsor Albert Heijn Escamplaan.

Lief and Leedstraten are streets where the neighbors still really look out for each other, where there is more attention for each other and where joys and sorrows are shared. Each Lief en Leedstraat has a pacemaker who manages the Lief en Leedpotje. The idea for Lief en Leedstraten was born in Rotterdam, after a woman went completely unnoticed there 01 had lain dead in her home for years. Never again, according to the environment.

Grown quicklyThe Hague now counts almost 400 Lief en Leedstraten.

“It is great that the number of Lief en Leedstraten in The Hague has grown so quickly,” says alderman Kavita Parbhudayal of Informal Care, among others, and a warm advocate of the Lief en Leedstraten. “Lief en Leedstraten are an appealing example of how important neighborly assistance is”.With the Lief en Leedpotje of 42 euro neighbors can give a nice gift on behalf of the street during fun or sad events.

Kavita Parbhudayal: “If you drop by with flowers because, for example, a resident has lost his or her partner, it is easier to immediately ask if anyone could use some help. This creates more and more intensive neighborly contact. It’s great to hear from pacemakers tonight how solidarity has grown in their streets thanks to Lief en Leed. That’s what we do it for”.Besides the Sweet and Leedpotje of 80 euros, paid by the municipality, supports Fund 500 the Lief en Leedstraten with an annual street activity budget of 100 euros per street. The fund announced in De Nieuwe Regentes that it would continue as a partner for another three years.

Would you also like to become Lief en Leedstraat? Register at

The pacesetters of the Guido Gezellestraat in Spoorwijk together with alderman Kavita Parbhudayal; photo: Peter Snaterse/Sight in sight4804


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