The Hague is a very green city, and most residents would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, sometimes a tree (or several) has to be cut down due to illness. However, trees that are on the list to be felled for a renovation or adaptation of the city can sometimes still be saved.

That’s handy, a card that shows whether your favorite (neighborhood) tree is scheduled to be cut down and you also see immediately whether you can do something about it.

Protect the trees in your neighborhood

The website Trees in your neighborhood of Bomenstichting Den Haag informs and supports local residents to show up on time when tree felling threatens. According to the foundation, the number of trees in The Hague is declining considerably. While they are badly needed to keep the city cool and livable. ‘They are also very important for biodiversity. Now and in the future.’

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Very handy: A weekly overview with applications and felling permits in your area! It is also indicated what you can still do and you can subscribe to a message service. Image:

On the website of Trees in your neighborhood you can discover and protect endangered neighborhood trees. There is an interactive overview map showing the trees threatened with felling, as well as a message service for subscribers that sends you an e-mail if a nearby tree is threatened with felling.

Objection make

The card and the mail service allow you to take action in time if you do not agree with the felling, for example by talking to the owner of the tree, via to inquire on the street app, ask questions to a (neighborhood) committee, or simply by submitting a written objection to the felling to the municipality.

On the map you see different colored dots: Green dots represent a tree that is allowed remain, is a yellow dot a requested felling of a tree. This applies to all blue dots objections to the felling permit can still be lodged. This is not possible with all red markings more; the objection period has then ended. The felling permit will then be granted definitively and irrevocably, unless an objection has been lodged and an objection period will run.

The overview map via the website is updated weekly by ‘Trees in your neighborhood’ based on new information from the municipality and government. So every week you will find an up-to-date overview.

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