Published: 20 March 2023Modified: 20 March 2023

Bezuidenhout-West is the 2nd neighbourhood in the Haagse Hout district to have a wijkagenda (neighbourhood programme). The wijkagenda contains the most important areas of improvement for the neighbourhood. Residents, businesses, neighbourhood organisations and the municipality have decided on these areas of improvement together. They will carry out the wijkagenda together over the coming 4 years.

The 3 most important areas of focus for the coming 4 years are:

the community centre will be the bustling heart of the neighbourhood for everybody safe and clean neighbourhoodequal opportunities for all children. Bezuidenhout-West is a small neighbourhood with approximately 4,500 residents. The residents are proud of the neighbourhood’s character and would like to keep it this way.

Residents indicated in the questionnaire and during residents meetings that many homes have become dated. The residents also said that not everybody was aware of where you can go if you need help. And if you are unable to find a solution yourself. Residents also think that the municipality should do more for the youth.

Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines at a meeting about the wijkagenda Wijkagenda: a plan for every neighbourhoodEvery neighbourhood in The Hague will get its own neighbourhood agenda. It contains the most important points for improvement for the coming 4 years. Residents, businesses, social organisations and the municipality together will determine the most important improvements and steps and will carry these out together. The wijkagenda started as an experiment in 6 neighbourhoods in 2019.


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