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Published: 20 March 2022Last change: March 2023

Of 26.030 counted postal votes, this is the provisional result of the first electoral college non-residents for Dutch nationals living abroad that has just been announced.

What is the non-resident electoral collegeBecause the members of the Senate are elected by the members of the Provincial Council, Dutch nationals abroad could not influence the composition of the Senate during the previous Provincial Council election.

On 5 July 2022, the Senate approved a constitutional amendment to give Dutch citizens abroad an indirect voice for the election of the Senate. Dutch people abroad could previously vote for the elections to the House of Representatives and the European Parliament elections.

Thanks to this constitutional amendment, Dutch nationals abroad can now vote for members of the electoral college of non-residents. The elected members of this electoral college have the sole task of casting a vote in the Senate elections. This vote will be cast in a physical session in the Netherlands on 30 May 2023. The non-resident electoral college receives 25 seats.

The voters could vote for 102 candidates from 26 to land; political parties and 1 independent candidate. The postal votes had to be submitted no later than Wednesday 12 March 20. hours at the postal voting office in The Hague. The last postal votes that arrive at the polling station no later than Monday 20 March from embassies, consulates and Dutch representations, are included in the final result.

The municipality of The Hague is responsible for the implementation of this part of the elections.

Result Electoral College non-residents (PDF, 102 .5 KB)


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