This is Gera, Gera is not yet two years old and is from Ukraine. Unfortunately, her previous owners could no longer take care of her and with great sadness she was handed over to the shelter. The Hague animal center is now looking for a new, sweet family for her.

Her caretakers know Gera as a very happy dog . During the day she shares her kennel and patio with a friendly male. They love to walk and play together all day long.


Gera is looking for an owner who also likes action! And an owner who is firmly in his / her shoes when Gera enthusiastically starts her walk.

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Gera. Photo The Hague animal center

On other dogs she reacts differently. One likes them and she sometimes has to fall out with another. In addition to walking and playing, cuddly toys and balls make her very happy!

Gera has had problems with her ears a number of times in the shelter. This is something her new owner should take into consideration. She also has HD (hip dysplasia). At the moment it does not bother her, but because of the HD she is not allowed to climb stairs.


Think Do you think you can provide Gera with the environment she needs? Do you have a lot of time and are you in for a ball game or a big cuddle? Would you like to know more about her? Send an email to

    . Write something about your family situation, any other pets and how long the dog should be home alone. Don’t forget to mention your phone number.

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