18 March 2023, by Victoria Séveno

Yes, the Netherlands is about to add yet another night train service to its ever-growing rail network! On April 21, 2023, GreenCityTrip will launch a night train that connects three Dutch cities with Prague. 

The Netherlands to add two new night train services this spring

Over the past year, European Sleeper and GreenCityTrip – two Dutch start-up companies – have made considerable progress when it comes to expanding the Dutch public transport network, connecting the Netherlands with cities across Europe through various new night train services. 

Much has already been done – but the work isn’t over yet: over the course of the next few months, both will be launching brand new routes that connect Dutch cities with cities in Germany and Czechia. A night train between Amsterdam and Berlin will launch in May but, before then, GreenCityTrip has announced that its new service to Prague will be running from April 21, 2023. 

Return tickets to Dresden and Prague starting at 149 euros

Tickets are already available online, with prices starting from 149 euros for a return ticket. The service departs Amsterdam at 7.30pm, stopping at stations in Amersfoort and Deventer before travelling through the night and arriving at Dresden in Germany at 7.50am the following morning. The train is scheduled to arrive in Prague by 10.30am and, on the return trip, departs from Czechia’s capital at 8.35pm.

GreenCityTrip also offers package trips for five-day trips to both Dresden and Prague, with prices starting from 259 and 229 euros respectively. One of the company’s co-founders, Maarten Bastian, told SpoorPro that in the future, GreenCityTrip will continue to focus its expansion efforts on cities in Eastern Europe.

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