Area-oriented IHAs are held several times a year in various areas in The Hague where quality of life and safety are under pressure. Visible commitment to safety, at locations where crime, nuisance and insecurity are over-concentrated.

During the action, involved authorities work together to tackle the problems. Signals and reports from residents and businesses are important to combat nuisance and crime. During this IHA, the municipality of The Hague worked together with the police, the Public Prosecution Service, HTM, the fire brigade, Customs, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), the Tax and Customs Administration, The Hague Economic Intervention Team (HEIT), the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and Stedin.

Check scooter (photo Valerie Kuypers) Many youth on the street

In both Kortenbos and the shopping area, there is nuisance due to loitering young people. This nuisance is accompanied by noise pollution, pollution, loitering in porches and intimidating passers-by. Many of the well-known hangouts were visited during the IHA, including the Lange Vijverberg, Clioplein, Pleinkwartier and Muzenplein. The police and the Enforcement Organization talked to the ‘chilling’ young people. A fine has been issued a number of times for smoking cannabis. Six people were fined for drinking alcohol on the street. In 13 cases, a warning would suffice.

Spuiplein traffic control (photo Valerie Kuypers) Charges for missing parking ticket
The scan team of the Enforcement Organization scanned cars and found in 48 cases of unpaid parking. The owners receive an additional assessment for this. In addition, 7 fines were issued for illegal parking. Parking in places that are not intended for this creates an impediment to traffic. As a result, emergency services sometimes arrive too late.

Frisk of young people (photo Valerie Kuypers) Laughing gas balloons found during traffic action

The police checked during a traffic action 180 vehicles. In 70 cases, the drivers received a fine for various facts such as a leaky exhaust, false license plate or an invalid driver’s license. Have during an alcohol check 112 drivers blown. In no case was an excessively high blood alcohol level measured.

The Special Laws team discovered a box of nitrous oxide balloons in 1 of the vehicles. The driver received a fine of for this euros.

The ILT team found a wrong taxi number and fined the driver an amount of 950 euros. The national tax office in the hold 47.000 euros of outstanding taxes of a total of 257.257 euros. For this purpose 20 vehicles seized.

The municipal taxes team checked 3833 vehicles and seized in 8 cases. They thus collect a total of over 13.000 euros in arrears. Four drivers paid immediately, the other 4 received a wheel clamp.

Car seized (photo Valerie Kuypers) Sleeping space found in company The Enforcement Organization set out with the NVWA, Stedin and the fire brigade during a joint inspection of the catering industry and night shops. There are 000 properties visited. In 7 cases the case turned out not to be in order. For example, a sleeping area was found in a company and another visit revealed the presence of snus. Two administrative reports have been drawn up for selling spirits without a permit. The NVWA issued warnings and fines for food safety problems. In most cases this was due to a too high temperature of food and poor hygiene. Stedin found a broken seal on the technical installation. There was also talk of possible theft of energy.

Check jewelers
Police and the Enforcement Organization have checked 3 jewelers to prevent fencing.

Illegal registrations and high rents

The Hague Pandbrigade visited 34 houses. In 23 cases they could actually enter. In a number of cases things turned out to be wrong. There was, for example, illegal construction, fraud with registrations, overdue maintenance and the lack of smoke detectors. An excessively high rent was found in 2 homes, the highest of which 950 euro concerned.

HTM checks for evasion
Whopping 3833 passengers were checked during an inspection by the HTM of stops on and around the Grote Markt, the Kalvermarkt and in the tram tunnel. In 95 cases, ‘travel without a valid ticket’ was observed. For this received 70 travelers an official report. The other 6 paid immediately.

Public transport control (photo Valerie Kuypers) Report for a safe and liveable city of The Hague Reporting abuses contributes to improving the quality of life and safety in your neighbourhood. The municipality and the police are increasingly receiving reports of suspicious and nuisance situations. That is very good. In this way, more targeted action can be taken. So cooperate and report!

Via a public space notification for, among other things, reports about vermin, malfunction street lighting, garbage, bicycle wrecks and things that are broken in public space. Through for reports about residential nuisance or benefit fraud, among other things. Report suspicious situations to the police via telephone number 112 (urgent) or 0900 – 8844. This can also be done anonymously via Report Crime Anonymously , phone number 0800 – 5531. Report suspected abuses with temporary work to Inspectorate SZW. 4595288


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