The sun is starting to shine again, so you can start working on your summerbody! Of course you can go to the gym to lose weight and work on your muscles, but you can also opt for a treatment program at in The Hague. There your body gets a boost while you take a wonderful moment for yourself!

How it works? “You lie down and are connected to a special device. With this device, fat is removed from the fat cells and fluid through lymphatic drainage and at the same time the muscles are trained by electrostimulation,” explains owner Tanya Christy. “All you feel are vibrations. But they don’t hurt.” That sounds good!

The device trains your muscles with 90 percent muscle load. For comparison: in the gym you train with an average 30 percent muscle load. So it’s not surprising that you get results a lot faster with Body-Line!

Good results

Tanya has already helped more than 1200 enthusiastic clients lose weight.

Marloes writes on Google:

I have had treatments and I am very happy with the result . I have lost 3 liters of fat and have a clothing size smaller. In addition, my abs are more trained and defined. With 2 young children I didn’t get to exercise and I really wanted to give my body a kickstart. Body-Line gave it to me. The treatments were also a moment of rest for me with a delicious cup of fresh ginger tea. I can definitely recommend it!

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These smart devices do their job while you relax! | Photo: indebuurt

Neighborhood editor Lizette was also enthusiastic after her trial treatment, she writes in this experience article :

I walked out the door feeling relaxed without muscle aches. Like I’ve been to a mini spa. The six centimeters lost are a nice bonus.

More than just slimming

The treatment not only slims you down, but also makes you look better, owner Tanya explains. “I often hear that people have less back pain after the process. This treatment is also ideal if you have fluid in your knee or varicose veins, for example.” How nice is it that you can walk and exercise well again afterwards?

“Your muscles are also strengthened, which stimulates your fat burning and makes working on a fit body even easier afterwards. So you not only look fresh and fruity again by being tight in your skin and, for example, have less cellulite, you also simply feel better!”

Come and experience it for yourself, with a discount!

Do you suffer from injuries or would you like to lose some centimeters? With the treatment program you have the benefits of an intense workout , but without having to do anything yourself. Tanya recommends at least 06 treatments for an optimal and lasting result.

The route is not cheap, but then you also have something. And through April 2023 you get no less than 90 euro discount on a trip card! The time to go for it. Tanya always works with a

trial treatment first, so that you can experience it yourself. It now only costs 30 euros. Let it come, that summer!

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