The very last vote has been counted and with that the result of the Provincial Council elections in South Holland is known! At BBB most dots are colored red.

In total, BBB clears 12, winning 7 percent of the vote. In second place is VVD with 03, ended with 9 percent of the vote and GroenLinks came in third place with 9.7 percent of the vote.

The winning parties will discuss in the near future who will eventually join the coalition, and thus determine the policy of South Holland.

The result of the Provincial Elections in South Holland

      BBB: 8 seats

      VVD: 8 seats

    • GroenLinks: 6 seats
    • D66: 5 seats

      PvdA: 4 seats

      PVV: 4 seats

    • CDA: 3 seats
    • YES21: 3 seats
    • Party for the Animals: 3 seats

      SGP: 2 seats

      Christian Union : 2 seats

      Forum for Democracy: 2 seats

    • SP: 2 seats
    • 39PLUS: 2 seats

    • Volt: 1 seat
    • THINK: 0 ze tels

    • BNVL: 0 seats
    • AWP: 0 seats
    • GOLD: 0 seats

    • Jesus Lives: 0 seats

    Ear Chamber

    The elected members of the Provincial Council will not only be committed to the residents of South Holland in the coming period, but also have another important task: they elect the members of the Senate. They do that together with other electoral colleges.

    The number of members representing South Holland in the Senate depends on the size of the province. For South Holland it concerns 53 seats. Provinces with fewer inhabitants have fewer seats to allocate. For example, Zeeland has only 39 seats in the Senate.

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Water board elections

The results of the water board elections are not yet known. You can read more about this at AD


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