The nurses of the Hagaziekenhuis practice with acute situations every year. This time the lesson was cast in a special form, because the delivery room was an escape room.

Senior nurses Suzanne Brouwers and Kirsten Prins developed the escape room together. They wrote scenarios, devised puzzles and worked out ideas down to the last detail. SIT scores, medical calculations and lab tubes: everything is covered.

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Can you tell us something about this escape room?

Suzanne: “The escape room is a delivery room with a manikin on a bed. In the execution of the scenario, the team members need each other to solve the puzzles and help the patient. Communication is crucial here.”

How did you come up with the idea for the escape room?

Kirsten: “Before corona, there was a standard training once a year. We wanted to train the same things, but in a different, fun way. Practicing in an escape room creates connection in the team. obstetricians, gynaecologists, physician assistants and nurses; they all want to set a fast time.”

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Can you give an example of improvement?

Kirsten: “I see a connection between the different disciplines. Speak-up, saying what you think is better. The gap is smaller, people know better what they have in common.”

What are the benefits for the patient?

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