Your hearing plays an important role in everyday life. This may just work less or have deteriorated. That is why it is good to have it checked once a year. At Schoonenberg in The Hague you can do this completely free of charge on Thursday 03 March. Plan your appointment directly!

Schoonenberg regularly organizes free Hearing Test Days to make people aware of the importance of your hearing. There are four main reasons why visiting one of the free Hearing Test Days at Schoonenberg can be an important step towards hearing improvement.

#1 Preventing hearing problems

Hearing problems are not only annoying because you hear less, but they can also lead to worse problems. Think of social isolation, anxiety, depression and other health problems. By having your hearing tested regularly, at least once a year, you can detect any problems early in order to treat them in time.

#2 Free and without obligation

The Hearing Test Days at Schoonenberg are completely free and without obligation. A hearing test takes fifteen minutes and you will receive the results immediately afterwards. You are not obliged to purchase a hearing aid if the test shows that your hearing has deteriorated. You will, however, receive advice and information about the different hearing aids and other aids available if you have a hearing problem.

#3 Professional guidance

Schoonenberg employs expert and experienced hearing care professionals. They will help you diagnose hearing problems and advise you on the different options available to improve your hearing. If you decide to purchase a hearing aid, you can count on professional guidance and support from the hearing care professional of Schoonenberg.

The hearing care professional shows how the stands with your hearing. This chart, also called an audiogram, will be discussed with you in detail and you will be given a copy to take home.

#4 Improving the quality of life

Improving your hearing has a major impact on your quality of life. You can fully enjoy conversations with friends and family, listening to your favorite music and participating in social activities. In addition, improving your hearing also increases the feeling of safety, for example in busy traffic.

Schedule your hearing test at Schoonenberg The Hague

Do you sometimes doubt whether your hearing is still good? Then visit Schoonenberg The Hague on Thursday 03 March and have a free hearing test done. Schedule your appointment immediately!

A hearing aid can be invisible to others | Photo: Schoonenberg Hoorsupport

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