The Labor Inspectorate today set requirements in two areas that are important for improving working conditions at Schiphol. In short, the Labor Inspectorate demands that everything that is diesel-powered on airside (everything behind Schiphol’s fences) be replaced as quickly as possible. This may concern, for example, vehicles or aggregates. In addition, the inspectorate requires baggage handlers to automate or mechanize their work, with the aim of reducing the physical strain on employees in baggage handling. Schiphol also plays an important role in this.

Since my first day, my priority has been to improve pay and working conditions, so that Schiphol becomes an attractive place to work again. Initiatives have been taken to improve the working conditions of handlers. It is a pity that the sector, including ourselves, is unable to really solve this on its own and that the labor inspectorate has to be involved. The time for fine words is over, it is time for more and faster action.

CEO Ruud Sondag


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