The 20 year-old Wilma starts to shine when she sees dog Noa enter. She finds it exciting on her lap, but in the end the dachshund is spoiled with a good cuddle. It is a special day for Wilma and the other residents of De Olieberg in Scheveningen, because ZorgDier is visiting.

Maike de Bont is already working 15 years with dogs and cats. She visits children, the elderly and works as a volunteer at the ZorgDier foundation. This foundation ensures that people with a mental disability regularly receive a visit from a pet, to cuddle and walk with. We are going on such a nice visit.


On Tuesday afternoon, Maike and dog Noa will visit Middin location De Olieberg in Scheveningen. Five residents are patiently waiting in the common living room while dog Noa squeaks with enthusiasm. “Noa is perfect for this job. She has a good sense of whether she can press or sit quietly.” For example, Wilma finds it exciting to pet the dog in the beginning, but after she sees that Noa is just sitting quietly, she even dares to take her on her lap.

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Wilma and Noa. Photo in the neighborhood

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