Royal Schiphol Group starts a collaboration with security technology company Pangiam to develop a new way for safe and fast checks of hand luggage. The new technology, powered by artificial intelligence, can eventually help travelers pass through security more quickly, without compromising on safety.

The aim of the collaboration is to explore how Pangiam’s new technology can improve and speed up hand luggage checks at Schiphol and other airports. The technology uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to analyze hand luggage images and identify prohibited items and other security risks. In the future, the technology can support employees and speed up the process for travelers.

In the past period, we have been fully committed to recruiting security colleagues and increasing the productivity of our security equipment, of course without making concessions to the quality of our security . In the future, this collaboration can contribute to more comfort for travelers through a safe and faster check of hand luggage. Safety always comes first.

Philip van Noort, Security Director at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Royal Schiphol Group has a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence in technology. This partnership allows us to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence to the point of control and improve the process.

Alexis Long, Head or Project DARTMOUTH at Pangiam


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