If you’re thinking of relocating to the Netherlands or want to move within the country, consider moving to the quaint and beautiful city of Delft. The experts from Crown Relocations explain why Delft is a great place to live for people of all ages and backgrounds.

A modern city with a small-town feelLocated in South Holland, Delft offers residents the best of both worlds. It gives off a small-town feel with its charming size and population of 100.000 residents as well as historic buildings. Additionally, more than half of the city’s inhabitants are made up of students or faculty members of the prestigious and modern Delft University of Technology.

Delft also has easy links and connections to major cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. The city is a perfect choice for those who want a quieter home setting, but who are still able to conveniently travel to bigger main cities if they wish. This is why Delft is becoming a popular place to live for young families or those looking for more living space.

Delft’s rich historyDelft is a city rich with history. It was the home of world-renowned painter and former resident, Johannes Vermeer (Girl with a Pearl Earring), as well as the home of King William of Orange (Willem van Oranje), the forefather of the current Dutch King.

The city was also unfortunately the site of William of Orange’s assassination, which took place in Het Prinsenhof (The Prince’s Court). Today, the king’s former home is a museum and welcomes many visitors each year. It is still possible to see the bullet holes from the King’s assassination. Over the years, Het Prinsenhof has expanded its grounds for visitors.

De Nieuwe KerkAnother interesting location for history buffs is De Nieuwe Kerk (The New Church), located on Dam Square. It was built in the 15th century and is the final resting place of William of Orange. The church no longer holds religious services; however, it is commonly used as an exhibition space. It also has a café and museum shop.

DelftwareDelft is also home to Delftware, which is iconic, hand painted blue and white pottery. The Royal Delft company, which produces these wares, was founded in 1653 and is still operating today. You can view their collection and attend one of their workshops to create your very own Delftware masterpiece.

Things to do in DelftDelft is home to the largest market square in the Netherlands, known as the Markt. If you walk around the city centre, you will find many bars and cafés. It’s also home to many restaurants including Aan de Zweth, a Michelin-star restaurant, and Kobus Kuch, home of a delicious homemade apple pie.

The historic city centre also features many beautiful canals for you to enjoy, including the magnificent Voldergracht.

Popular residential areas in DelftLiving in the city centre is a highly sought-after option by residents, and for good reason! Delft’s city centre resembles Amsterdam in its design, with beautiful historic buildings, classic Dutch houses, and scenic canals.

The Tanthof is a suburban area in the south of Delft. It is a popular residential area for young families due to the close proximity of schools, daycare centres, playgrounds as well as other family-oriented services.

The Hof van Delft is another area where many residents love to live. The appeal of this area is that it is walking distance from stores and public transport, which is highly convenient.

If you’re looking for a place to live in Holland, Delft is a great choice for many reasons. Are you planning to relocate to the Netherlands? Crown Relocations has experience in helping over three million families move into their dream homes.


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