After he had a knee prosthesis, Eddie Meulendijks could no longer bend his knee. He seemed to have finished treatment, but once in the Sint Maartenskliniek he could still be helped. That changed his life. “Now I can cycle again and take care of my fish.”

The Sint Maartenskliniek specializes in so-called knee and hip revisions, in which an old prosthesis is replaced with a new prosthesis. These operations are very complex, but in many cases they can ensure that the prosthesis complaints disappear after all. Due to their great expertise, the Sint Maartenskliniek can possibly mean even more than its own doctor. This happened to Eddie. After a lot of pain, he can practice his greatest hobby again: taking care of his eighteen Japanese Koi carp.

Do you also have complaints about a prosthesis, or do you know someone who has? And are you curious if something can be done about it, just like with Eddie? Do the self-check for knee prosthesis complaints and for

hip prosthesis complaints or read what the Sint Maartenskliniek can do for you.

Eddie with his greatest hobby | Photo: Sint Maartenskliniek

Complaints related to the knee prosthesis

In 2019 Eddie got a knee replacement because his right knee was worn out. After that, the problems quickly started. “In the beginning I had a lot of pain, but after four weeks it got better. There was just another problem: I couldn’t bend my knee anymore.” Eddie’s knee “stuck” at seventy degrees, he says. “While sitting, my leg ‘dangled’ somewhere in the air, straight ahead.”

Second opinion

During a new operation, Eddie’s knee was completely bent, but without success. “The doctor said there was nothing he could do. Terrible: although I had no pain, I did have a knee that was always stiff.” It seemed like the end of the matter, but there was still one possibility that could turn the tide. The doctor ordered a second opinion. the Sint Maartens Clinic. “I understood that the doctors there specialize in complex knee problems. I would grab anything anyway – if only I could pick up my life again.”

About the time

His feeling about the Sint Maartenskliniek, and in particular about doctor Smolders , was immediately good. “She really took the time for me and listened to my story. I was there for half an hour. I found her so human. And more importantly, she took me seriously.” Eddie first had exploratory surgery to see if there might be any scar tissue in the way. That turned out to be the case and during the procedure it is largely removed. “After that operation I was able to bend my knee again for the most part!”


Eddie is overjoyed to be able to cycle again | Photo: Sint Maartenskliniek

Move Immediately

Unfortunately Eddie’s knee still remained partly stiff, so doctor Smolders decided to replace his knee prosthesis. In September 2019 the time had come, three years after the complaints started. “After the operation I was given medication so that I did not feel any pain. Doctor Smolders immediately wanted me to move my knee. After an hour and a half I already had to sit in a special bending machine, walk and cycle. It worked! It was exciting when the medication stopped after two days: what if I got pain? Fortunately that was not the case. I was so happy!”

Still possibilities

Eddie is doing well now. “My knee is already bending 110 degrees! Daily activities are also going well for me. I’m cycling again and can walk our dog. But the best part is that I can take care of my fish again without any obstacles. My knee is no longer in the way. I am so happy that I ended up in the Sint Maartenskliniek. It really changed my life.”

Knowing more?

Do you have someone in your area who has been walking around with similar complaints for a long time? Then it is certainly worthwhile to see what the Sint Maartenskliniek can do for you. Sometimes a physiotherapist or your own doctor cannot solve it, but there is still a way out. Do the self-check for complaints related to a knee prosthesis or a hip prosthesis to see what you can do in your situation.

The clinic has locations in Woerden, Nijmegen and Boxmeer and is therefore easily accessible from every corner of the country. Your GP can help you with a referral. On the website of the Sint Maartenskliniek you can read everything about prosthesis complaints and what the possibilities are.


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