Double parked cars, trams that drive too close to the bicycle lane or roundabouts where the traffic light turns green at the same time for everyone, these and more situations create dangerous places for cyclists, where you have to pay close attention. We asked our readers where extra care is needed in The Hague, and we received a lot of responses.

Below is a list of the most striking dangerous cycling spots in The Hague.

De Goudenregenstraat

The number one of the left places to go as a cyclist seems to be the Goudenregenstraat. We saw that name very often in our mailbox and on Facebook. Marja writes: ‘And the bicycle lane on the Laan van Meerdervoort at the intersection with the Goudenregenstraat (the part before the Segbroek pharmacy). There the bicycle lane is so narrow, and every morning masses of cyclists have to pass towards the center. Cars that want to turn right regularly become impatient because they first have to give way to a whole row of straight-going cyclists. My son has already been hit twice.’

Downtown The Hague

You have to be careful in the center too. Astrid says: ‘The Grote Marktstraat is unsafe because, in addition to the pedestrians, you also have to avoid loose, raised tiles, of which more and more seem to be coming almost every day.’

Afnan writes: ‘The intersection on the Spui where cars, scooters, trams, buses, cyclists and pedestrians cross recklessly and it seems as if no one knows who has priority. Also, the sidewalk/cycle path/road is not clearly marked.’

Annemiek responds to the photo from the call: ‘Exactly on the spot where that cyclist is cycling (in the photo). So for the Fratelli Lange Vijverberg restaurant. There, the stones on the cycle path have risen, causing you to slip. Especially in wet weather, very dangerous.

Nunspeetlaan and Valkenboslaan

Martijn advises you to be careful at the intersection of Nunspeetlaan with Terletstraat/Schaarsbergenstraat. ‘Especially the strange bend in the Terletstraat to the Schaarsbergenstraat is confusing. Then that bend also crosses the Nunspeetlaan. There are no bicycle lanes and it is not indicated where pedestrians can cross.’

Chris writes about the roundabout on the Valkenboslaan with the exit to the Fahrenheitstraat on the right: ‘Especially that entrance to the Albert Heijn with many pedestrians crossing the cycle path without looking up or looking back and the people waiting at the bus stop regularly cause near-accidents. It is a very confusing and busy piece of cycle path where I am always happy when I have passed it unscathed again.’

Many more places where you have to watch out according to readers

Unfortunately, the above locations in The Hague are the most mentioned, but there are even more places where you have to watch out for dangerous situations on the road. Martine says: ‘Hengelolaan from the Stede towards the Zuiderpark, the stones are loose and there are many tree stumps’.

Carine even has a whole list of places where the tram runs too close to cyclists: Zoutmanstraat, Parkstraat, Prins Willemstraat, Hobbemastraat and Jan Hendrikstraat. Her tip: ‘Anything that drives faster than 144 km per hour must be removed from the cycle path.’

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