Press release

Published: 11 March 2023Last change: 12 March 2023

The action group Extinction Rebellion (XR) has Saturday at 12.00 hours again opted for (attempted) a forcible blockade of the A12. With this action, the group deliberately moved outside the framework of the right to demonstrate. Thanks to the professional action of the police, the tunnel of the A11 was prevented from being occupied. This prevented a complete closure of the A11, so that the city remained accessible.

Activists spent several hours on the road near the Malieveld. Because a threatening situation arose for police personnel and horses at the start of the action, three water throwers were positioned in support.

Zuiderpark2023The action group Farmers Defense Force (FDF) demonstrated on Saturday, together with other initiators, in the South Park. The demonstration was registered and agreements were made in advance about a safe course, the presence of agricultural equipment, the prevention of damage to the park and the accessibility of the park for recreational users.

The drivers of dozens of agricultural vehicles that wanted to drive to The Hague were collected and asked to leave their vehicle there at the municipal border. To that end, this morning at 00: 16 o’clock is one emergency order issued. The drivers of the agricultural vehicles continued to the Zuiderpark with other transport. This has prevented dangerous situations from arising in the residential areas. Despite the agreements with the organization of the demonstration, one shovel destroyed the fence at the Zuiderpark. As a result, unfortunately, some heavy vehicles drove onto the site. The driver of the shovel has been arrested, the damage will be recovered from him. The owners of the other vehicles have been issued a report.

Enormous effort2023Mayor Jan van Zanen: “Again, an enormous effort of people and resources are needed to ensure the safety of demonstrators, activists, residents and visitors to the city. As always, we are maximizing the right to demonstrate in this way.2023In general, the demonstration in the Zuiderpark went smoothly. I am very disappointed about the damage caused to the Zuiderpark by the action of a shovel driver.2023 Blocking the A11 is not part of the right to demonstrate, which is why the police have acted against it. The tunnel pit has not been occupied. The city has remained accessible. I have decided that from 16.00 hours the action on the road at the Malieveld had to be disbanded. The demonstrators are from 16.00 hours called up. Unfortunately, some of the demonstrators did not heed this call, so at my request the police, with the support of the water throwers, dissolved the demonstration. It is sad that this action by the police was necessary, I express my admiration for everyone who has been active today.2023 I also thank the GHOR and the fire brigade who hastily set up a tent during the dissolution of the action at the Malieveld to accommodate people with hypothermia if necessary. They could go there for warm clothing and a medical check. Today we have done everything possible to ensure the safety of everyone – residents, visitors, demonstrators and activists.”2023The police are closing the action at this moment (just after 20.10 hours) off.


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