The roads around The Hague, the nearby nature reserves and the theatres; just a few parts that (partly) fall under the responsibility of the province of South Holland. On Wednesday March are the Provincial Council Elections.

Don’t you know what these elections entail, who you can vote for and where you can cast your vote? Here you can read all the info!

What are the Provincial Council elections?

The Provincial Council Elections are perhaps the least known elections in the Netherlands. Therefore, first a brief explanation about the Provincial Council.

You can compare the provincial elections to the municipal elections of 2022, but at the provincial level. Every province in the Netherlands has its own board. In the Provincial Council elections, you – together with the rest of the South Hollanders – choose the members of the Provincial Council.

Tasks of the province of South Holland

The members of the Provincial Council…

  • … are the people’s representatives of the province. They determine the policy of the province of South Holland. A hypothetical example: the members decide whether The Hague can build outside the city limits to combat the housing crisis and where in the city a business park can be built.
  • … elect and control the Provincial Executive. That is the day-to-day management of the province.
  • … are elected by the members of the Senate.

    You can read more about the tasks of the Provincial Councilors on the website of the Central government

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    What did the province spend money on in recent years?

    It may seem obvious, but all tasks that the province carries out cost money. There is a jar for nature maintenance, the cultural sector, and so on.

    This is where the money from the province of South Holland went

    It differs per province how much money goes to each component. It is striking for the province of South Holland that 2021 was spent the most on ‘traffic’. It turned out to be 21 euros per inhabitant of the province. ‘Public transport’ was also high on the agenda; here was 21 euro per inhabitant paid in 640. That is exactly the same as for ‘administration/administration’.

    You can read more about the expenditure of South Holland here:

    These issues play a role in South Holland

    In South Holland there are many issues that need to be decided. Think of traffic and transport, the environment, a safe living environment, but also employment, tourism and the reception and accommodation of asylum seekers and labor migrants.

    Accessibility and transportation

    93551483If you fill in the electoral guide, you will come across statements about the accessibility of our province. For example, there are different opinions about investing in public transport at night. Other parties want to spend money on new roads. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is also high on the agenda. According to some parties, the airport should be closed because of the nuisance and CO2 emissions. Others consider the airport to be of great value to the province.

    Nitrogen measures

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