Hooray, there’s a new editor at indebuurt! Our new freelancer Francine is going to interview Hagenezen about their favorite places in The Hague, but what are her own favorite hotspots? Besides writing, Francine takes a lot of pictures of our beautiful city. That is why the ‘Favorites of’ theme this time is: the most beautiful (photo) places in The Hague.

What is your favorite place in The Hague to take pictures?

‘That’s very difficult , because The Hague has so many beautiful places! If I have to choose, I would go for the Lange Vijverberg and the Binnenhof. Unfortunately, the Binnenhof is now closed, but every time I am there I am amazed by the imposing Ridderzaal and the characteristic buildings. The Lange Vijverberg, located on the Hofvijver, is also a nice place for photos because many Hagenezen gather here. This produces beautiful and authentic photos. In addition, there are beautiful places in The Hague: the beach, the Peace Palace, the Scheveningen harbor and the Haagse Bos.’

Photo Francine van der Wansem

What is your favorite part of the beach?

‘The beach is of course a great place to take pictures. So I have a lot of photo spots here. From De Pier you have a beautiful panoramic view over the water, which results in unique photos. The Pier itself is also a beautiful eye-catcher for photos. In addition, of course, every spot on the beach is suitable for beautiful sunset and sunrise photos. In the evening the sun sets beautifully in the water and in the morning the whole sky has a pink glow and every now and then you come across people taking a morning dive. All the hip beach bars on the Zwarte Pad also do well on screen.’

Photo Francine van der Wansem

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Which is the most photogenic spot in the center of The Hague?

‘The streets of the old center of The Hague are very atmospheric anyway. Think of the Noordeinde or the Denneweg. I also like to take pictures of the Passage. This remains a unique place in The Hague. In addition to the beautiful ceiling, you will often find decorations such as the large Christmas tree, Valentine’s Day decorations or lighting in the winter. I regularly see people stopping here to take pictures.’

Photo Francine van der Wansem

Where do you take the most beautiful nature photos?

‘Besides the beach you can also take good nature photos in the Westduinpark. With a bit of luck you can also spot a Scottish highlander here in addition to the varied landscape. Here you can always shoot a unique picture. Landgoed Clingendael is also very photogenic. It is very nicely laid out and the Japanese garden is open in the fall and spring. As a final tip I have the rosarium in the Westbroekpark. In the spring the roses are blooming beautifully here!’

Photo Francine van der Wansem

What do you think is the most beautiful street in The Hague?

‘The most beautiful streets in The Hague are definitely the Lange and Korte Voorhout. These streets experience a beautiful transformation during the year. In autumn the stately avenues turn brown due to the falling leaves and in spring you will find a variety of colors here due to the cheerful flowers. The historic buildings such as the Hotel Des Indes complete the photos. Furthermore, events are regularly organized here that are also fun to photograph.’

Photo Francine van der Wansem

Which restaurants are the most beautiful in the picture?

‘The Hague has a lot of beautiful and diverse restaurants to take pictures of, but I definitely have a few favorites. Think of Villa Coucou, a piece of France in The Hague or Cafe Bleu with its striking blue awning. Also unique are restaurant ñ with its colorful yellow facade and Bookstor, a historic bookstore and café on Noordeinde. And don’t forget: Vincenzo’s, Bartine, Barbarossa, Bleyenberg rooftop, Gallery59, The Gyros Club, Oni Japanese dining, Le Quartier and more much more. Enough choice!’

Photo Francine van der Wansem

Would you like to share your ‘favorites of…’ with Francine and our readers? Mail then .

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