Saturday’s expected chaos 11 March may be a little less intense than announced. Farmers Defense Force is holding a farmers’ protest in Zuiderpark and the action group planned to come up with about five hundred tractors. The municipality puts a stop to that.

Farmers Defense Force may take a maximum of two tractors to Zuiderpark in The Hague on Saturday, report our colleagues from AD Den Haag.


“Experiences with farmers’ protests involving the use of heavy equipment are bad. These actions have led to serious traffic disruption, unsafe traffic situations, disorder and damage,” said Mayor Jan van Zanen. Furthermore, a maximum of 25. 0 people join the protest. The spokesperson for the protest group expects farmers to comply with the rules.

Extinction Rebellion

Saturday there will also be a demonstration by the climate activist group Extinction Rebellion. They want by thousands the A12 to block. The mayor also thinks that is a bad plan. They have to divert to the avenue of Reagan and Gorbachev. The action group has already announced that it will not adhere to those restrictions. “We want to demonstrate in a place that is disruptive and visible,” says a spokeswoman. The attempted blocking of the highway will begin at 11.000 o’clock.

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