The taxi drivers will drive in convoy across the Erasmus Bridge, among other places.Photo: Pixabay/neufal54

Various taxi drivers are organizing a demonstration in Rotterdam on Wednesday evening. About fifty drivers gather around 16.00 hours in the evening at the parking lot at De Kuip, after which they will drive through the city in convoy. With this protest, the drivers want to express their dissatisfaction with taxi platforms such as Uber and Bolt.

“For the first time, we as Rotterdam taxi drivers are holding a demonstration against Uber and Bolt. We want these platforms to leave the Netherlands,” says taxi driver Farid Rachid about the reasons for this protest. “You simply have to drive on the meter or make fixed price agreements, so that no crazy prices arise.”

Colonne The taxi drivers gather at 16.00 hours in the parking lot at De Kuip, the home base of football club Feyenoord. It is the intention that the drivers drive through the city in convoy. The Erasmus Bridge and Coolsingel, among others, are visited during this protest march. It is not yet known how many drivers will participate in the protest, but it is expected that about fifty taxis will participate in this demonstration. “We would be very happy with that,” says Rachid.

The demonstration was initiated by the taxi drivers themselves and was distributed in a joint WhatsApp group. According to Rachid, the Rotterdam taxi drivers were inspired by colleagues in Amsterdam. “They have been doing it there for a while, we are just starting. But what they can do, we can do too.”

No Chaos The taxi driver emphasizes that it is not the intention that there will be kicked. “We have indicated that everyone should just behave. Especially when we are driving. We don’t want chaos on the road or anything like that either. Do not expect reckless behavior from us, because we do not need that”, concludes

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