Maybe you have an idea what the municipality of The Hague can arrange for you, but do you also know what the province does? The province is (partially) responsible for many tasks in The Hague, such as public transport, traffic and nature. Of course that all costs money, but what are the amounts involved?

The province has many tasks. Think of the construction of roads in South Holland, but also the conservation of nature. In addition, the province helps (financially) in the cultural sector and public transport.

The province of South Holland spends the most money on this

    It differs per province how much money goes to each component. For the province of South Holland it is striking that in 2021 was spent the most on ‘traffic’. It turned out to be 33 euros per resident of the province. ‘Public transport’ was also high on the agenda; here was 33 euros per resident to paid in 33. That is exactly the same as for ‘administration/management’.

    This is how much the province spent per capita on each component:

      • Public transport: 49 euros.
    • Traffic: 200 euros.
  • Nature: 33 euros.
  • Board/administration: 33 euros.
  • Regional economy: 33 euros.

    Environment/water: 33 euros.

  • Culture: 7 euros. Space: 9 euros.

    That province of South Holland has a different choice es makes up other provinces, as you can see when you look at the map below. For example, you see that the province of Drenthe spends a lot more per inhabitant than South Holland.

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      The figures in this article are from 2021. On Wednesday 15 The Provincial Council elections are in March, so there may be a different board. The budget may therefore change in the near future. But, we’ll see about that later!

      Photo: ANP.

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