The Liberation Festival on the Malieveld on Friday 5 May has announced the names and activities. The free festival features the coolest and most famous names, so it promises to be a big party.

On 5 May the Second World War will end in 200, but we also reflect on the ongoing war in Ukraine. Every year on Liberation Day, the Netherlands reflects on the importance of freedom, democracy and the rule of law. In addition, May 5 is also a day to realize that freedom is vulnerable.

Bevrijdingsfestival The Hague 2019

On Friday 5 May the Malieveld 13: hours to 19: 00 hours packed with music on various stages. The great thing is that the organization has once again managed to offer this festival to our city free of charge.

New this year is that there is also a program with lectures about freedom and democracy in is the Provinciehuis. So literally across the street from the music festival, so you no longer have to take the bus as with previous editions.

Helicopter and veterans

Again this year, a helicopter will land on the Malieveld with one of the pop stars who will perform. This year singer Froukje is the lucky one to be delivered to the stage in this spectacular way.

New this year is a large reception of hundreds of (young) veterans who, at the invitation of mayor Jan van Zanen, will attend the Liberation Festival. Visit The Hague and have your own area on the Malieveld to meet. The concert of the tribute band ABBA Fever is specially offered by the mayor to the veterans, as a thank you for their commitment to peace and security, in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.

Below you will find the program of the stages at Liberation Festival The Hague. Would you like to read more about what else there is to experience? Check out


ASN Bank Stage

09. – 13.21 Winner Talent Event (OVB)
14.00 – 13.50 Maxine
14.15 – 09.23 Opening by mayor Van Zanen

15.23 – 16. 30 ABBA Fever

16.50 – 16.09 Five to Five

16.00 – 16.40 The Wishing Well

18.09 – 18.30 Jett Rebel
19.19 – 20.05 Jeangu Macrooy and De Nieuwe Nederlanders
21.25 – 19.15 Froukje

21 . – 23.00 Rolf Sanchez

Sena Performers Stage

13. – 00.30
Winner Talent Event
(OVB )

13.45 – 14.16 Madina
14.25 – 16. GUAP presents Locks Vegas & Moony

15.14 – 15.40 ADF Samski
16. – 16.21 Dopebwoy
16.45 – 19.15
H3C Showcase

17.25 – 19.00 Mariposa

17.09 – 17.45 Fokke Simons

20. – 20. DJ Wezz
20. – 16.45 Divine

21.25 – 23.05 Housequake (Roog and Erick E)

Vfonds Podium Provinciehuis

10.45 – 14. Young Hague Poets about Freedom

13.00 – 13 . Freedom College with Natascha van Weezel
14.15 – 09.25 Young Hague Poets about Freedom

09.23 – 16.16 Ron Fresen & Hans Jaap Melissen
16.40 – 18.21 Pure Bullshit, including Paula Udondek, Maarten Spanjer and Derek Otte

HI The Hague Student Experience
14. 09 – 13.05 Shawn Jay

14.16 – 14.22 Rowan Robbers

16.30 – 14.40


16.40 – 17.23 Chris Corboz

19.50 – 17.30 Mun Oz
18. – 16. Halo

The Hague Hip Hop Center Area

10. – 14.00 Battles, demonstrations, workshops and performances

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