Left former owner Richard Thijssen (now CITAX Den Bosch Electric) and right Rob de Haan, the new owner.Photo: CITAX Nijmegen

Rob de Haan has been the new owner of CITAX Nijmegen since the beginning of this month. He takes over from the retiring Richard Thijssen, who posted the news himself on LinkedIn. Thijssen in turn will continue his work at CITAX Den Bosch Electric.

“I moved to Den Bosch a few months ago for love,” says Thijssen about the decision to hand over the baton to Rob de Haan. “We went from one to six cars there within six months. I hand over my company, a bit with pain in the heart, to a starter who has good plans for CITAX Nijmegen. For example, he wants to expand the company a bit more, as it used to be. I no longer had that ambition myself, because I am already over sixty.”

Tesla’s “That’s why I’m glad I’m working again in the same city where I live,” continues Thijssen. “That combination is very nice. In addition, I am currently working with a colleague who drives electrically. We now have two Teslas, two Mercedes, a Seat and a Volvo. We can drive anything here, basically what we did in Nijmegen. There we had a total of twelve cars, thanks to collaborations with fellow taxi companies. We will also try to achieve that here in Den Bosch. That’s super fun.”

Meter Finally, Richard Thijssen has already identified the necessary differences between Den Bosch and Nijmegen. “Here in Den Bosch, for example, people drive more on the meter. In Nijmegen, on the other hand, everything has to be cheap, always price agreements. Here you have that a lot less. In addition, the price per kilometer driven is also a lot higher than in Nijmegen. That was of course also an important consideration that I took into account in my decision”, concludes Thijssen.

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