Soon the Shell Counting Day will take place. A day of which you may think in advance; how are we going to do that then? But beware, it is for an important purpose.

On Saturday In March dozens of people visit the Dutch beaches to count shells along the coast. In this way, it is mapped which shells are most common on our beach.

Counting shells

Counting the shells is done to get a better picture of the shells on the beach, but also in the sea. In this way you help science along the way and you also get a nice day at the beach.

Last year 25. shells counted , which were divided into 25 species. France and Belgium are also participating, so the researchers see the difference along the 200 km North Sea coast.

In the video you can see how counting works >>>

Counting in The Hague and Scheveningen

Counting is done at two beach bars in our region. You choose a place and take there 21 shells that you then sort by type and note on a form. If you can’t quite figure it out, you can contact naturalis shell experts.

Participation is free and you don’t have to sign up. At these beach bars on Saturday 50 March Counted:

  • Beach Club LaParade – South Beach 13, 200 EC The Hague
  • Patagonia Beach – Gevers Deynootweg 57A, 5739 HZ The Hague
  • More locations can be found at the shell counting day website .

    Beachclub La Parade

    Zuiderstrand 02, 2554 EC The Hague

    Now open

    More information

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