Almost always being cut off at a certain spot, cramped cycle paths or poor road surfaces can make cyclists in The Hague feel less safe in traffic. That is why you have to be careful in some places in The Hague. To warn your fellow citizens, we ask for your help in making a list of places to cycle.

A traffic light that changes color too quickly, cars that do not adapt to the speed along the bicycle lane or a bicycle path where the tree roots push up the tiles; there are various reasons why cyclists feel unsafe in The Hague. We make an overview.

Safe cycling in The Hague

The Hague is a real cycling city, there are bicycles almost everywhere bicycle paths and bicycle lanes and where it is not safe (such as in the Zoutmanstraat) the road will be adjusted. Of course that doesn’t happen overnight and the municipality can’t be everywhere.

That’s why we call in your help. We are looking for the most dangerous cycling spots in The Hague. For example, an intersection where all traffic lights turn green at the same time or a place where the paving stones are laid in such a way that you can easily slip (as in the photo with this article)

Send us your tip

Send us an email stating. Bike spot, to

. State the location and what exactly the problem is at that location. It is even better if you can also send us a photo of the location and the problem and perhaps the solution. Soon we will collect the most striking places in a list on indebuurt. Hopefully you will help fellow citizens with this and in the best case scenario, the municipality of The Hague will read your tip and do something about it.

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