On the spot where restaurant El Mercat used to run a nice restaurant until recently, a new catering facility will open soon. One with very tasty burgers, it is promised.

In the national monument, a coach house 1880, on the corner of the Hooikade and the Hooistraat opens soon Frenchie’s, a place for French burgers.

Burgers, sides and vibes

Frenchman Alexandre, chef of Villa Coucou and Edouard ( also from Villa Coucou) are starting a new burger restaurant together where the burgers are handmade with a French twist.

At Frenchie’s you can soon enjoy a burger and ‘sides’ inside and outside on the canalside terrace. It seems that Frenchie’s only opens on the side of the Hooikade and the part where El Mercat had the entrance (Hooistraat 4) is still let.

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