Frederik Zevenbergen, candidate member of parliament on behalf of the VVD. Photo: Province of South Holland

Frederik Zevenbergen, candidate member of parliament on behalf of the VVD, sees taxi platform Uber as the solution to support public transport in the province of South Holland. The politician made this known during the election debate at Omroep West. As far as he is concerned, local taxi companies are also very welcome to sign up for this type of service. “I wish every entrepreneur a good business.”

According to Daan de Haas, alderman on behalf of the VVD in the municipality of Zuidplas, the province of South Holland is “starting to fill up” with asphalt. This is what the alderman for mobility said during the election debate at Omroep West. In order to remain easily accessible, De Haas believes that the province should look more at bicycle paths, shared mobility and better bus connections to train stations.

Uber as a solution Frederik Zevenbergen, candidate member of parliament on behalf of the VVD, wholeheartedly agrees. He talks about innovative solutions and mentions the name of taxi platform Uber. “Large buses drive around empty after rush hour, with hardly any passengers on board. Then I think: it is time for more convenient solutions. For example, look at Uber in America. People with their own car can support public transport. Especially for the nightlife and especially for those times when there is little demand for public transport. I think it would be great if we could do the same here.”

Zevenbergen clarifies his vision to TaxiPro. “Especially in areas with few passengers, a service where you give your neighbors or fellow villagers a lift to a HOV stop for an expense allowance would be a solution. I think that such a service, such as Lyft, Uber or ANWB AutoMaatje can be a good addition to public transport. For example, experiments are already being carried out within the South Holland contracts with bus stop taxis and public transport on measure. I would like to further expand those experiments.”

Local taxi companies When asked why the VVD politician initially looks at Uber and not at local taxi companies, Zevenbergen replies: “I don’t look specifically at the Uber company, but more at the type of service. Transport from the front door to the stop is not a municipal task. If a local taxi company sees potential in this, then I applaud it. I wish every entrepreneur, from small to large, a good business. So if a local taxi company wants to get started with this, I would like to hear about it”, concludes Zevenbergen.

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