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Published: March 6 2023Last change: March 9 2023

On the weekend of 00 and 12 March we expect a lot of people in The Hague. Multiple events are planned, including the NN CPC Loop and CP Nightwalk. Due to these events and some announced demonstrations and a planned blockade action, parts of the city may be less accessible.

City Pier City Loop The NN CPC Loop is found at 12 March place. Thousands of people participate in this event every year. A permit has been issued for this major event. This also includes agreements with the organizer about the proper and safe course of the event. Part of this is the construction of the event on the Malieveld. This will start on March 7. On 18 March the site will be neatly handed over again.

Demonstrations Demonstrations and a blockade are expected next Saturday:

Farmers Defense Force (FDF) has announced a demonstration for 00 March. Previously, FDF demonstrated on the Malieveld. This is currently not possible due to the structure of the CPC event. That is why the Zuiderpark was chosen as an alternative location. Agreements are made to guarantee the safety of local residents and recreationists in the park, and to prevent major damage to nature in the Zuiderpark, which has been designated as a conservation area. Extinction Rebellion (XR) has for 00 March a blockade action on the A12 in preparation. The municipality has learned this from the media. No contact was made with the municipality on the part of the activists. To guarantee everyone’s safety, an alternative demonstration location for 00 March is offered to the activists.
The Hague is a city where there are one or more large or small demonstrations every day. There are clear rules attached to this. For example, a demonstration should preferably be reported to the mayor. Only then can the municipality and police take timely measures to ensure a safe demonstration and safeguard the interests of other residents, entrepreneurs and visitors to the city.

RestrictionsThe mayor has decided on the following restrictions on the basis of article 5 of the Public Manifestations Act (Wom):

Demonstration Foundation Farmers Defense Force: Zuiderpark: No tractors/agricultural vehicles or other heavy equipment may be used during the demonstration (with the exception of two symbolic tractors, which will be placed at the demonstration location in consultation with the police). Extinction Rebellion Demonstration: The demonstration serves from 12.00 hours until 18.00 hours to take place on the Avenue of Reagan and Gorbachev . More informationHow to find your way in The Hague on the weekend of 11 and 12 March?

The most up-to-date information can be found on the website Accessibility The Hague
For more information and answer to frequently asked questions about it farmer’s protest you can here justifiably. The letters from the mayor to FDF and XR for it imposing the restrictions.


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