If you don’t visit the Palace Promenade shopping center on the boulevard of Scheveningen very often, you will immediately notice something: the bookshop at the main entrance has left. But you don’t have to look far: you will find the books and magazines, along with many other nice things in the store of Albert Brand.

The Palace Promenade on Scheveningen is the place where tourists can score a nice souvenir, especially in the summer months. But fellow citizens can also succeed here.

Books and magazines

Since a few months, the bookshop at the beginning of the Palace Promenade shopping center has been merged into the Albert Brand store Misterbrands . Albert’s store, at the ‘crossroads’ of the Promenade where Hema, Kruidvat and Hommerson Casino can also be found, now sells books and magazines all year round, but also care products, gift items such as cuddly toys from Miffy and chocolate.

“The shop is doing well in this place”, says Albert, who a year ago could still be found with his shop a few doors away. “Of course it is always a bit quieter in the Palace Promenade in the winter months, but people read all year round. Thanks to our range of delicious chocolate from brands such as Leonidas and Lindt and the gift items, people know where to find us all year round. So when people come to shop for a day because it is raining, they often come in here too.”

Cigo Misterbrands

Gevers Deynootweg 200-09 , The Hague

Now open

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