Feed, a leash, a basket or bench; every dog ​​owner in The Hague knows that a dog entails a lot of costs. Don’t forget the dog tax! The amount of this bill differs per municipality. Spoiler alert: The Hague’s is relatively high.

Municipalities can decide for themselves whether they levy dog ​​tax or not. It is therefore possible that if you live just across the border from a neighboring municipality, you do not pay anything. This is the case, for example, in Leidschendam or Rijswijk.

Amount of dog tax in The Hague

Dog owners pay in The Hague 215,28 euros in dog tax if they have one dog. Do you have more furry friends in the house? For a second (or third, fourth…) dog you pay again 200, euro extra.

Invoice on the mat

residents who have a dog automatically receive an invoice. In some cases the tax is added to the municipal taxes, in other municipalities you will receive a separate letter. If you pay the bill now, but move house this year, you will get part of the dog tax back.

Petition against dog tax

The number of municipalities collecting dog tax has fallen sharply in recent years . In 2021 there was a citizens’ initiative to completely abolish the dog tax. According to the initiators, dog tax is often used for other purposes, such as the maintenance of parks.

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Register a dog with the municipality

Every household in The Hague must register a dog with the municipality. This is done via the website of the municipality of The Hague. You do this if you move to The Hague (with a dog or get a new dog. Not registering the dog to save costs is not recommended: municipalities carry out checks throughout the year by going door-to-door. Is your dog not registered? ? Then you will be fined.

Do you have no money for the dog tax? You can apply for remission at the municipality of The Hague. Some people are eligible for this if their income is too low. remission of dog tax can be done here.

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