From 1 March, entrepreneurs at Kijkduin and Scheveningen will be allowed to rebuild their beach tents and as soon as they are ready, the doors can open to the public. Why are most beach bars disassembled and reassembled every year?

A few beach bars such as the Waterreus and Hart Beach on Scheveningen are open all year round remain standing, the rest must be phased out by 1 November.


There are several reasons why the beach bars are gone in winter. Sabrina van der Vloed, owner of the Fuut en Kwartel told us in an earlier interview: “We are in a Natura 2000 area, which is a protected nature reserve, and that is why we have to phase out in the winter. The wind can then ensure that the dunes are filled with sand again.”

Sabrina wonders if this isn’t an old-fashioned idea. “We used to be closed for six months, then nature could relax, but nowadays it is only four months.” She also thinks that the construction and dismantling also disrupts nature considerably. “It would be better if we could build something sustainable, adapted to nature.”

Not all beach bars on the coast of The Hague are located near a protected nature reserve. At the municipality we read that beach bars on the boulevard of Scheveningen do not get a winter permit because otherwise they would be unfair competitors of the entrepreneurs on the boulevard. It can also cause additional inconvenience. Then there are traffic jams to the beach not only in summer, but also in winter.

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