Gucci (almost 3 years old) entered the shelter with a round belly. She did have a chip, but unfortunately the owner has not come to pick her up. This is how she got her kittens in the shelter and gave them the first life lessons. After the kittens have all found a new home, it is now time for Gucci.

Do you already have one or a few of those four-legged friends walking around, then read no further. Gucci is definitely not waiting for peers! They should stay far away from her, she prefers to be the only diva in the house. A place in a family with children is also not an option.


She also loves a manicure , unfortunately she doesn’t just use the scratching post for that. Something to work on! A garden is a must for Gucci. A hug from time to time is nice, if she feels like it.

Actually, she is looking for a cozy family, without kids, without other pets, but with a garden. If you would like to give this cutie a home, please mail to

, tell us about your family situation and don’t forget your phone number.

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