Do you regularly check one of the clocks next to the road to see if you are on time at work or at an appointment? Then you may soon be looking into an empty sky because ‘your’ clock has disappeared.

Standing in The Hague 56 city clocks, but they are a bit outdated so they don’t all show the correct time anymore. That will change.


    NPB Media owns the city clocks. They are now working on giving the clocks a new movement, making them less susceptible to malfunctions. Not all clocks in The Hague can be updated, as many as sixteen will be removed, so that could just be ‘your’ clock.

    These clocks will be removed soon:

      De Stede


    • Monnickendamplein
    • Increase




    • Hertoginnelaan
    • Kingbird Square
    • Troelstrakade
    • Johan de Wittlaan

    • Westduinweg
    • Theo Mann Bouwmeesterlaan

    • Loosduinsekade
    • Daal and Bergselaan
      • Parklaan

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