You can find something from Disney in every toy store, but we still found a Valhalla for Disney fans on the Scheveningen Pier. And they give a discount too!

A hug from Stitch? A Christmas bauble from Goofy or a backpack from Elsa or Mickey? There is a shop on the Pier of Scheveningen that (almost) only sells Disney stuff. Almost only indeed, because articles from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Star Wars are also on the shelves.

Figurines, cuddly toys and more

We all know the Disneystore; a store with only stuff in the shape of the famous Disney characters. Unfortunately, the well-known Disneystore cannot be found in the Netherlands, but DpierStore, a kind of Disney outlet, can be found.

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The store is a place where the real Disney fan can go wild. From 5 euros you already have a Disney figure for the Christmas tree (normally these cost such a 25 a 35 euros), a photo frame or a surprise bag with… well, that’s a surprise. There are also beautiful images of, for example, Beauty and the Beast and Mickey Mouse with at least 50% discount and also all hugs cost half.

You’ll be amazed by this, but be careful not to get greedy!

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