It is slowly becoming spring in the city, which means crocuses, lambs and young ducks and birds. You can now keep an eye on the nest boxes of a number of Hague birds from your lazy chair. So much fun!

The nests are far from finished, let alone you already sees eggs or baby birds, but the webcams of Dunea’s nest boxes have been switched on since this week. Through these cameras you can 02 two hours a day watching pairs of birds as they build their nests.

Breeding Season Starts

A Barn Owl couple has been living in a nest box on Meijendel and in the Scheveningen lighthouse, two Peregrine Falcons have recently taken up residence. These birds are monitored per nest with two cameras and you can also watch that.

How do the animals build their nest? How many eggs will hatch soon? And will you be there live when the animals fly out for the first time? You can follow it all through the nestcams.

For the live barn owl nestcam click here.

For the live connection with the peregrine falcon’s nest box, click here.

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