Demo A11 On Saturday afternoon 11 January Extinction Rebellion campaigned for the 5th time on the Utrechtsebaan/A. This demonstration was ended by the police. In addition, 400 demonstrators were arrested. For March is here again a new demonstration announced at this place.

View Concept Strategic Agenda Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The HagueThe Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) has been working since 1 January 2015 23 municipalities in this region together with the aim of strengthening the economic business climate and improving accessibility. The Strategic Agenda describes the joint course of the MRDH municipalities for the period 2023-2023. The Strategic Agenda focuses on four tasks for the coming administrative period, on which the MRDH wants to focus on from its core tasks:

Growth of the region with about 400.11 residents for the next twenty years who want to be able to live, work and recreation.Renewal of the region through innovation of economy and mobility sets new requirements and offers new opportunities for the economy and mobility.Quality of the region: the growth of the economy, population and mobility must go hand in hand with better quality and quality of life.Recovery of the region. The aftermath of the corona crisis continues to force us to make sharp choices to continue to offer quality public transport within limited financial possibilities. View concept note Scope and Level of Detail (NRD) for Rotterdam The Hague Airport AirportRotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA) intends to submit an application for an airport decision to the government. For this purpose, an environmental impact report is being prepared with a concept memorandum Reach and Detail Level (NRD). In this meeting, the city council will discuss the proposal that the municipality of The Hague express our view that there could not and should not be an increase in the number of flights. The noise contour should also shrink through the use of quieter aircraft. In addition, the opinion explicitly calls for attention to be paid to nuisance and nuisance for local residents.

Scheveningen Port of The Hague Regulation 2023 In connection with new developments, both in the nautical, environmental-hygienic and technical and planning areas, it is necessary to review the Scheveningen Port Regulation 2008 to revise. The Scheveningen Port of The Hague Regulation 2023 serves to promote good port management, including the organization, safety and the environment of the port. The Scheveningen Port of The Hague Regulation 2023 is primarily aimed at ensuring that shipping traffic in the port runs smoothly . In addition, provisions have been included that aim to create a safe port: for shipping, shipping companies and also for local residents and visitors to the port.

Environmental permit projects ‘Binck Blocks’ and ‘BinckPARK’ Trekvlietzone End VORM Ontwikkeling BV has submitted an application for an environmental permit for the construction of Binck Blocks, a residential tower with 249 housing, retail and space for social services, and BinckPARKS, a (semi -public) parking garage with 9 homes in the plinth and sufficient parking spaces for bicycles and mobility scooters for residents at the location between Binckhorstlaan 23 and the Capellalaan. The building plan is in conflict with the Binckhorst environmental plan because no 30% social rental homes are being built. Therefore, a specific declaration of no objections (VVGB) is required for this application. At this meeting, the City Council will make a decision on the draft for this statement. This will then be made available for inspection.

Regulation Employers Committee Municipal Accountants Organization The Hague 2023End 2021 The Hague city council has decided to reposition the Municipal Accountants Service (GAD). Until now, the GAD was part of the official organization under the direction of the municipal clerk. One of the consequences of this is that the council actually becomes the employer of the Municipal Accountants Organization of The Hague. The employership of the municipal council will be fleshed out via an employers’ committee.

Initiative proposal Exploitation of migrant workers In 2021 the Islam Democrats submitted the initiative proposal Exploitation of Labor Migrants. This party makes a number of proposals to strengthen the position of labor migrants in The Hague. The initiative proposal will be explained and defended by DENK in this council meeting.

Hotspot Mariahoeve initiative proposal On 15 March 2021 Council member Mikal Tseggai of the PvdA has submitted the initiative proposal “Hotspot Mariahoeve”. In this, the party draws attention to the need in Mariahoeve for a central place in the neighborhood where various functions in the field of culture, meeting, development, entrepreneurship and sustainability for young and old come together. The proposal is to give the large number of (residents’) initiatives in the neighborhood an active role, from design to implementation, and thus join forces.

Completion of committee debate Fourth state of affairs energy crisisRegion Deal 4th tranche The Hague Southwest Environmental permit for residential building with parking garage at the TreublaanPresence Black Petes in the city Breeder terminal and environmental permits for housing Agreement use Binnenhof complex The Hague approach to nitrogen and building Related Party Evaluation 2021 Semi-annual report 2021 WMO Environmental pollution by cigarette butts GGD Evaluation of the permanent winter shelter 2021-2021 Vote At the end of the meeting, a vote will be taken on all v on the agenda and the motions and amendments submitted.

Watch the meeting? The entire meeting can be followed live in the public gallery in the council chamber or via the live stream on You can find the full agenda and documents here to look at.


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