There is a musical chairs going on in the center of The Hague. A large number of shops are disappearing or moving, so that quite a few things are empty. So is the Media Markt building. But it is now known what will be included.

Various large buildings on the Grote Marktstraat are empty or on a list for demolition . A few months ago, electronics store Media Markt also left their permanent location and moved to a new location where Hudson’s Bay used to be. Fortunately, it is now known what will happen to the ‘old’ Media Markt.

A supermarket or clothing store?

The name of supermarket chain Lidl has been going through the center for a while. First it would open in the former Rock Palace on the Torenstraat, later the story went that the supermarket would open in the former Media Markt. Now that the design drawings of the building have been released, it is clear: the building will be converted for retail.

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Photo: indebuurt

On the drawings we clearly see a clothing store. The basement, ground floor and first floor of the wine-red building are undergoing major renovation. For example, the front is almost entirely made of glass. The bicycle shed on the long side seems to disappear to make room for new entrances and large shop windows. On drawings it looks like one big shop, but it can only be that three small shops come in.


Two escalators will be installed within the building to connect the three floors. The former entrance to the Media Markt Service Desk will be transformed into a reception hall for the apartments above the shop(s).

Which shop or shops will end up in the building after the renovation of the former electronics giant is not yet known, we will of course keep you informed.

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