The learn-work trajectory card (LWT) is valid for six months from 1 March, instead of the usual four months. Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) and Taxiwerq report this. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) has put its signature, making the extension of the validity of the LWT a fact.

The learn-work trajectory (LWT ) gives a prospective driver the opportunity to gain practical experience by performing contract transport, without being in possession of a professional driver card diploma. From 1 March, someone must have obtained the CCV-T driver’s diploma within six months, instead of four.

Capacity problem Partly due to corona, a capacity problem has arisen at the CBR, as a result of which aspiring drivers could not take an exam or re-exam before the LWT expires, according to KNV and Taxiwerq. ‘Taxi companies that were already dealing with shortages, subsequently also had to deal with the loss of these employees.’

Initially, this problem was partly solved with the so-called Non-Enforcement Letter, with which involved drivers could continue driving after the LWT expired. However, this was a temporary solution. To the disappointment of the parties involved and KNV, the letter was ultimately not extended for a third time.’

Lobby Both The parties initially thought the Non-Enforcement Letter was an excellent interim solution, but they were already discussing how to deal with this problem in the longer term. KNV, various taxi companies and Taxiwerq, as a nationally operating trainer and payroll company, have found each other in this. After mutual consultations, they have lobbyed the CBR and the Ministry of I&W for a more structural solution, namely the extension of the LWT card.

Both Wilbert Wijnne (commercial director Taxiwerq) and Ton Hokken (policy advisor KNV) both indicate that they are “happy with the result in general and the cooperation between the parties involved in particular”. Both parties see the extension as a structural solution and also speak of a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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